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We live in a world of products; they run our lives. People love products, trust them, humanize them, and many times they are right in doing so. Some brands have become just that – brands – because they really owned the qualities their audience appreciates. When the brand keeps satisfying its audience, its fan club is strengthened. People who appreciate a brand will purchase its following products and events, and keep following it even through a change of logo. They are completely loyal to it, because the brand has always kept to its promise; it never failed. This is how it became a brand.
If you have a good product or service, different from others’, if you feel that you are putting into it more than others are, if you feel that you can provide something different, of the highest quality – let us talk about it. You just may have a huge brand in your hands. Maybe you just do not know it; that is fine – because all brands started out just like that.

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Business branding

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Designing a brand

In a world of brands – branding is a must.

We live in a world of brands. They were not born as brands, they have been through a process of branding that turned them into brands. The reason why branding is done today, is because of the multiplicity of similar products and even imitations of top designers. Of course, this has to do with China’s imitating capabilities – from Apple’s computers to Christian Lacroix’s socks, but imitation can be done anywhere. Therefore, branding is an important process to allow customers to recognize the brands they like.
Aside for imitation protection, branding can also help a business be special – assuming it has all the reasons to be special. When it comes to branding, quality and innovation are keywords, and if you have a product that has the potential of becoming a brand, we should talk.

What is digital branding?

Digital branding is the total presence of a business or company online. This can include several channels. The first is the company’s website. Your website must be designed and adjusted to the business’ field of work, and be technologically innovative and progressive. It should include content of high quality and be user friendly and easy to browse. A website is your digital branding on the internet. Users are also exposed to the website’s organic SEO as well as its sponsored ads – your presence on Facebook and Google campaigns, which should facilitate your branding process. All of this should be done by professionals, in accordance with your needs, purposes and goals. One thing is sure – without digital branding, you will not stand out. We are here to help you.

Company branding, or: who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are? is often asked by people who feel someone is being condescending at their expense. When it comes to branding, this is a winning question. Who do you think you are? Who are you to be a brand and why? Every business or company owner knows the answer to these questions. Branding can only be developed in companies that have a product or a service of a truly high quality. A brand is not a fraud, it became a brand because it has a list of qualities and advantages that surpass its competitors’; this is how became a brand. To become a brand you have to check with a digital agency, and understand your chances of becoming a brand. You have to be the best, most innovative, of the highest quality.
So, who do you think you are? It looks like we have something to talk about.

Designing a brand: your way to the top!

Brand design in a digital world can take a few forms. First, your website needs to be designed, and adjusted to your business, like a custom-made suit. Second, the process of a brand design should include the creation of a logo and even a name. The content of your website can also contribute to your brand design, and it has to be of the highest possible quality. Even your product packaging connects to your brand design, just like the tablecloth in a restaurant.
Branding is what you see and what you do not see that is transferred through messaging. Branding design involves graphic designers and strategic consultants, working together to create a strong brand. If you think you have a brand in your hands, please talk to us.

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סוכנות דיגיטל
סוכנות דיגיטל
סוכנות דיגיטל
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סוכנות דיגיטל
סוכנות דיגיטל
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Any questions?

What can become a brand?

A new innovative product that has a message and can make our lives easier.

Can any product become a brand?

Only good, game changing products that set new standards.

Does it have to be innovative?

In this day and age, with so many products in almost any field – a brand has to be innovative.

Does it have to be of a particular field?

It can be in any field, as long as it is innovative in some way. It can even be a screw.

Who can tell if my product is a brand?

We can tell. We will research the field in order to understand if you have a brand with clear advantages.

Is brand name necessary?

The name of the product is part of its branding; it is chosen by branding strategists.

What is a branding process?

The first thing that needs to be done in a branding process is the differentiation of your brand from others in its area, using the right marketing strategy, packaging and pricing. It then starts to stand out, appealing to particular target audiences only.

Can the product change as it goes through a branding process?

The product cannot change, but in accordance with its analysis, a new marketing concept can be thought up, with a new package, new target audience appeal etc.

Are there any new brands today?

Although markets are flooded with brands, the greatest innovations are in the field of web technologies and applications. Here, there is room for new brands.

How can you market a brand?

Brand marketing is not spontaneous. A deep research of the brand and its intended audience is required, as well as targeting. This includes developing a designated site for each brand, organic optimization campaign, paid ad campaign, customers' club launch, social media marketing – all of these are part of the deal.