Customers' club management:
Connecting with your community.

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Managing a customers club that hits the target.

The digital platform allows you to establish and manage your own customers’ club. In a world of brands, you need to create a community that is interested in your brand and sees it as its own common denominator. This community needs to be attracted with activities, initiatives, informative newsletters, launch parties and other special offers – these can even get your club members to attract their friends and make a bigger circle. A customer’s’ club can help differentiate your brand from your competitors’, and your club members can feel that they are someone’s favorite clients.
Your customers’ club needs to be professionally managed, by professional newsletter writers and a marketing team that can come up with creative events and offers.

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Setting up a customers club

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Publicity campaign

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Campaign analysis

Setting up a customers club: because you need them!

Setting up a customers’ club in the digital world is a must. Current technological marketing tools allow you to accurately target and segment your audience, according to personal parameters that connect to the usability, atmosphere and style of your products. Customers of brands are interested in being a part of a club that gives them first exposure to products, discounts and offers, and connects them to the people they have a common interest with. If your product or service is lifestyle related, then you can offer club members an exclusive experience entirely derived from your brand. If your product is potentially integrated in your customers’ lives, they will develop loyalty. Your customers’ club can establish and strengthen loyalty and connectivity, and promise your brand’s fans a membership in the hottest club in town.

Newsletter: a powerful marketing tool!

A newsletter is one of the marketing tools in your customers’ club tool box. A newsletter delivered to your club members only, which they are the first ones to see, has to be interesting enough to make them wait for the next one. A good newsletter should include a targeted collection of content pieces that your club members are interested in, that they can use and benefit from. This should not be a collection of meaningless texts, but perfectly written copy that is related to your brand, useful and interesting for your fans. Behind the content of your newsletter, a carefully planned marketing message should lead the way, which can include special offers, discounts and launches for members only. These can preserve the relationship between you and your customers and establish loyalty to your brand.

Publicity campaign for your customers club gets you more customers.

The internet makes it a lot easier to operate a customers’ club. In online media, the interaction with your club members is immediate with emails, campaign response and benefits available with a mouse click. A customers’ club campaign does PR for new users too, and if they are fans of your product, they will join the club and enhance its effect. A professional can make your customers’ club campaign successful, using real time performance measuring, adjusted budget decisions and updates in accordance to real time data. This new campaign feedback advantage was simply not there in the off-line marketing world, but now it can be used to better target and adjust your campaign to the purposes of your specific intended audience.

Post-campaign analysis: precise and to the point.

Online campaign is the most precise campaign type available today. While in the past advertisers went through a lot of trouble to reach their brand’s target audience, today, with online technological tools, they have an easy way of getting data such as:
number of users reached,
number of users engaged,
where they live,
their age,
what they do for a living,
their hobbies.
All this data is available online, provided by all users. As the internet records everything, you can now target the very person who was searching for Merino wool socks. A campaign to a targeted customers’ club is precise, includes a real-time result analysis, and use of data for better adjustment – all this can be done with the help of GEO Media’s specialists.

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Any questions?

What is the purpose of a customers club?

To organize together customers who love your brand and are loyal to it.

What are the benefits of a customers club?

Making customers feel more involved with the brand, while providing them with financial benefits.

What are the deliverables of a customer club?

Club newsletter, personal treatment such as birthday cards, tools to make them remember and love your brand.

What should be the content of a newsletter?

A newsletter can include information about new products, collection launches, special invitations for pre-sales, specific information about your products' niche market, tips and more.

What is the purpose of a customer' club management?

To get your customers to stay and even get their friends to join in, marketing activities are required.

Can't I manage my own customers club?

Your clubs' activities, such as newsletter production, and the benefits that you offer your customers, need to speak one marketing language and align with the concept of your brand. To serve your customers and brand, all of these need to be as professional as possible.

Do people join every customers club?

People join any customers club when they get something out of it; this is how it should be developed.

What is the desired dynamics of a customers club?

The dynamics of a customers' club should make its members feel special, feel that they get something out of the club, and be happy that they are members.

What are the benefits of a customers club as a marketing tool?

The launching of a customers' club for a product or a service are an act of marketing that differentiates your product from your competitors' – this is how people see it.

Do customers club activities only stay online?

Some customers clubs give their members discounts on tickets to cultural events, restaurant invitations and more. The gifts may not be directly related to the product, but they have to be directly related to its concept and essence.