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Developing a website is getting more and more challenging today, as everyone and everything, from large firms to small products, have a solid online presence. Still, not all online presence is really profitable. Many online stores and other types of websites are static and unbeneficial, while their owners are not even aware of it. Part of the reason is that business owners do not know what to expect from their sites – but this is where we come in. Here in GEO Media, we hold an interest in our websites. We believe that a website should give its owner the advantage of exposure, advertisement, reputation, branding and more. Where service providers or online stores are concerned, the website should be profitable. A good website should attract new clients and help a business grow. It should increase marketing effectiveness and revenue. And if this is not happening with your website, then there is an elephant in the room. Other than building websites, we provide website accessibility services.
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Corporate website

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Product catalogue website

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E-commerce website

Corporate website: building your reputation.

A business website is intended for professionals whose reputation is a crucial part of their business. Lawyers, accountants, public relations agencies and others’ work process produces products that can be defined as success, reliability, quality and professionalism, all of which are components of reputation.
A corporate website presents information about the service provider, their experience and uniqueness. It includes texts and demonstration of work, a list of customers and recommendations. This type of site emphasizes the advantages of the service provider and its innovation. The purpose of the business website is to strengthen the reputation of its owner, encourage an opinion based on accomplishments, and increase exposure.

Product catalogue website: a digital marketing tool.

Companies normally offer impressive catalogue to present their products. With the availability of digital media, this can be done with a online catalogue. An online catalogue presents the suite of products offered by the producer or distributor, and using digital tools, it offers countless presentation and design options, to expose and present the products in the most impressive, marketable way. 

Behind the catalogue website lies a marketing strategy defining many factors such as: 

  • which products should be presented in the front and how; 
  • what is the marketing connection between site’s pages.
  • what types of texts and titles are needed to describe the products;.
  • How the products will be captured in the camera eye. 
  • Which background settings you need.
  • will it be standalone or presented by models

Decisions like these and others make for a marketing concept and strategy. Precise implementation should lead to exposure and deliver messages and information to potential clients that can create a beneficial marketing catalogue.

Online store: making money on the internet!

Marketing businesses know that online stores are the best way to make money today. Not too long from now, the share of online marketing will be greater than that of traditional marketing. Online purchases have changed the patterns of commercialism, as consumers’ enthusiasm about online shopping rapidly grows on national and international levels. In view of this huge commercial power, great exposure and digital innovation, many business owners use the internet for monetization purposes. If you do not have an online store yet, we should talk.

E-commerce website: it's easy to sell.

E-commerce is growing, yet many business owners have not yet realized the full potential of this digital platform. Today, when even late adopters are doing their shopping online, there is no doubt that this the best way to sell.
E-commerce websites should be user friendly. They can be a marketing platform for all types of products – clothing, footwear, household appliances and food – the revenues of e-commerce websites are beyond imagination. If you have something to sell, you should not miss out on this opportunity.

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Any questions?

What is most important in your site development?

Customization to your profession and type of business. A custom-made website is like a suit that fits perfectly: not too big, not too small. Your website can create the perfect image for your profession and type of business.

Why choose us?

Our sites work well on the internet. We have proof.

What are the parameters of an excellent website?

User-friendly toolbar, fast browser, fast objects location, interesting content, noticeable headlines.

What does Google like in a website?

Google likes websites with excellent content that run fast and smoothly, with visibility and content that make users stay.

What is customer characterization?

In customer characterization, questions such as: Who are you? What do you do? What is the purpose of your website? are answered. These answers are then implemented in your website. The design and development of the site should be related to your purposes.

How is branding implemented in your website?

A high level of website design, customization of design to your profession and type of business. High quality of well formulated texts, void of spelling mistakes, and precise presentation of your profile, can create the branding and differentiation you desire.

What type of marketing content is a must in any website?

Home page and About Us page, website categories and texts should be smart and marketing oriented, so that your users will stop, browse and submit their contact information.

What is a custom-made website?

The right choice of design, colors, fonts, headlines and display. A lawyer’s website should not be the same as an accountant’s website. Every type of business should be made in accordance with its own atmosphere.

How much does it cost to develop an excellent website?

As much as it takes to get the site to run smoothly, be properly built and user-friendly. It has to include a user-friendly toolbar and perfect texts. Don’t go for the cheapest offer you get. Your website is your window display. Put some effort into it.

Why do businesses have more than one website?

Each website has its own domain, connected to defined keywords. The more websites you have, the more distinctive your web presence will be. Your keywords and expressions will be all over the internet, and users will be able to easily find and connect with you.