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Digital consultation with full transparency.

Everybody needs digital consultation for their online activity. In GEO Media, we have a team of specialists whose services can be hired to examine your website’s marketing presence. You will be provided with information and precise data on your website’s leads and conversions, automation, CRM leads and more. Our company specializes in deep implementation, lead process automation, and optimization of sales process. Many digital managers focus on the first layer of the conversion funnel, but according to our approach only control and examination of the lead entrance process, and control of interested buyers dropping out outside of the trivial funnel, can lead to focused upgraded leads and conversion.
We use original, up-to-date, innovative techniques, which promise conversion rates in a low budget, while creating a clear advantage in comparison to competitors. If your website has a marketing problem – we should talk.

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Marketing strategy

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Digital media control

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Facebook media control

Website marketing strategy.

Behind every website, a marketing strategy is required to lead digital products, such as:

  • organic promotion, 
  • remarketing advertisement, 
  • landing pages, 
  • lead creation, 
  • website specification, 
  • in-depth targeting research

All of these and more can lead to the implementation of original innovative technological means that will increase the leads and conversions on your website.

UX specification to your website: be friendly to your users.

Websites need their own specification so that they can create a unique experience. This specification should make consideration of the business area, the implemented tools, site structure and amount of content that will make users find information quickly and easily. A good UX specification should also make it easy for users to use the “contact us” page and more. To get more customers – you need a UX specification.

Google digital media control: it's your business.

Google is often used for campaigns; its search engine is used for the benefit of businesses’ websites. We at GEO Media provide a service of consultation and control for digital media managers on the operation of Google accounts, and offer information on other service providers in this field.

Facebook digital media control: more than a business page.

With our experts, your presence on Facebook can be a success story. We provide Facebook presence consultation and control services, which include both the implementation of advanced technologies and selection of your content and advertising design.

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Any questions?

Why is digital consultation important?

In a digital consultation process, you can investigate your site's effectiveness and output, so that you can decide if it is profitable or not.

What does digital consultation include?

Digital consultation can include issues such as leads and conversions, automation, CRM and more.

What is conversion?

Conversion is your desired user activity. This can include contact information submission, product purchasing, software download or any other service your site has to offer.

Why should website's conversions be analyzed?

Conversions can be an indicator of the level of efficiency of your website. If the conversions on the websites are not measured, its output remains unknown.

What is a CRM system?

A CRM system can help you create and manage leads, so that their quality and source can be traced.

How does optimization affect a website?

Optimization is the adjustment of a website to search engines and users' behaviors.

What are leads?

When users give you their contact information, e.g., on your site, Facebook page, newsletter subscription.

Can the number of leads be increased?

This depends on which type of leads software is used. In digital consultation, the use of specific technologies can be recommended. Better technologies can analyze your leads and get you more high quality leads.

Are these technologies expensive?

The use of relevant technologies, together with careful planning, can save you a lot of money; this can be achieved with digital consultation.

Can a website's abandonment rate be analyzed?

This is one of the parameters examined in digital consultation. Sometimes, visitors' abandonment can indicate a problem on your website, which can be related to the structure, design, browsing etc.