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Google and Facebook sponsored ads.

Website owners want their websites to show up on the first page of Google. One of the ways to get there is using a sponsored campaign, which includes sponsored ads appearing on the first page of Google.
Nonetheless, though paid as it is, a sponsored campaign should still be built right. It should present you, your products and services correctly, and create branding to differentiate you from your competitors.
Here in GEO Media, a creative team examines each customer’s relative advantages that can lead a sponsored campaign. Ads need to be precise so that potential clients will click on them. The exposure needs to be wide enough to emphasize the campaign and get it to stay on memory. We build a campaign that targets audience, specifically for each customer, and post it on specific times when this intended audience is expected to be using their computers. And how do we know how to do this? Give us a call, we’ll tell you all about it.

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Google sponsored ads

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Sponsored Facebook ads

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Google sponsored ad

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Facebook sponsored ad

Google sponsored ads: push your business forward!

Nothing has changed since the digital platform has taken over the world of advertising, except that everything now happens online. When you Google something, you can see at the top of the search page some results marked as ads. This means that this specific result is part of a sponsored Google campaign. These ads are marked as sponsored to differentiate them from organic advertising, which includes content, keywords, terms, phrases etc. Campaigns can be very beneficial and save money – when done by a professional.

Sponsored Facebook ads: the king of social media.

In view of the huge number of Facebook users, ever since Facebook first launched its professional pages, almost all businesses use this platform for sponsored campaigns. The first and most important law in advertisement, is to target the audience, and as Facebook offers market segmentation, its data can be used to target campaigns as precisely as possible, including users’ information such as age, hobbies, location, education and gender. A sponsored ad campaign on Facebook can be exposed to many users worldwide, most of them visit Facebook at least once a day, others many times in one day. This is a great exposure potential.

Google sponsored ad – your presence online!

Your new product, revolutionary service or great offer to customers should be on a Google sponsored ad campaign, so that your potential clients will be informed. Google ads are normally posted next to the search line, where they cannot be ignored. Although each click on your ad or banner will cost you, this online presence is certainly mandatory.  

The good thing about sponsored advertisement is that the publication budget can be set in advance, its progress can be tracked and improved as the campaign progresses, and while it is on, great accomplishments can be achieved.

Facebook sponsored ad: know your budget.

Sponsored ads on Facebook are an important step you should take when you launch a product, website or customer’s club. The way in which users turn into clients goes through advertisement campaigns, which include sponsored Facebook ads. To be noted, sponsored Facebook ads should be produced and managed by creative professionals who can make the most out of the content and visual aspects of your campaign. Facebook ads have their own social media rules, which your professional advisor should know. Short, smart, kicking posts with a touch of humor and/or a twist are the most important components of a campaign that can get attention and attract Likes, so do not bore your audience with too many details.

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Any questions?

How much does a sponsored campaign cost?

That depends on the number of ads and the platform.

Can ads include company logo?

It is desired, to differentiate your company.

Who writes our ads?

A copywriter, expert in writing appealing marketing ads.

How much does each click cost?

The price depends on keyword/expression competition.

Can I ask my SEO expert for proof of ability?

Certainly. If they are experienced optimization experts, they have websites that they have worked on, and can show you their progress.

How can I tell which words get more clicks?

In GEO-Media, your campaign manager can show you your precise data.

How often should I launch a campaign?

As often as you decide.

Can I start a sponsored campaign with a pre-defined budget?

Yes. This is actually recommended.

What is targeting?

Targeting is a term related to your target audience. We know when your target audience is using their computer; this is a good time to hit them with your campaign ads.

Which is better – organic or paid optimization?

Anything that advances your website should be used.

How can I recognize a paid campaign on Google?

If you see the word "Ad" next to a Google search result, you can tell this is the result of a sponsored ad campaign.