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Promote websites to the top.

To stand out on Google and other search engines, you have to work on your search engine optimization. Only organic SEO can get you to show up on the first page of Google. Without SEO, you will end up on the last page of the search engine results, where no one ever goes. 

People talk about X and Y generation in the context of no impulse control, why is that? What does it have to do with website optimization?

X and Y generations control the world of internet. They work on the internet, in the high-tech industry or as entrepreneurs, they have a digital perception, they grew up with a PlayStation. They are used to getting everything they want, here and now. And they are not about to look you up on Page 2 of Google search results. Organic SEO of your website will help you get in line with their needs.

Keyword research – your way to Google.

The first phase of SEO is a keyword research. Keywords, terms and phrases are an important consideration in content writing and advancement site optimization. On the internet, secret hidden information is transferred through comments, website scanning and grading. Google is the gateway to the digital world, and the way to communicate with it is by searching for words. Users’ searches create keywords, terms and phrases, specific for different fields and subjects. These keys are engraved in the digital consciousness, used by everyone to search for information and knowledge. A website needs to present the relevant keywords, terms and phrases, so that Google’s search engine can present it to its users – and this is how websites are advanced to the first page of Google’s search results. Before building developing a website, the SEO specialist should perform an extended keyword study upon which to base the categories of the intended website and its content, so that the digital advancement can be as beneficial as possible.

Most important: website optimization!

The term optimization was coined together with digital marketing. The internet has an endless number of websites, and Google, which is a very smart robot, scans them every day. Site builders and SEO professionals constantly try to discover the secret of Google’s ranking methodology. This secret is built by constantly changing algorithms. It is known today that Google prioritizes websites that apply to certain criteria. Digital advancement is the process of improving the efficiency of the site’s structure, and its adjustment to search engines. This can include: 

  • A site tree that responds to organic SEO, 
  • Content management programs, 
  • User experience improvement, 
  • Relevant information, 
  • Tags and titles that can communicate with Google. 

Websites that do not implement all of these tools will never make it to the top.

High quality content: do not insult your website visitors' intelligence!

The variance in websites’ content is great and keeps growing. Although relationships can be observed between certain types of services and the level of content presented on their websites, all websites should have impeccable content. Websites with a large volume of content of low quality, including unreadable texts with grammatical errors, can cause a great image damage and loss of revenues. Business owners need to understand that the level of the content on their website says something about them too. 

Most of the content on websites is marketing content. Written by a professional, it can increase sales and attract new customers.

Link building: your internet distribution!

Link building is part of your website’s SEO, which is required for better exposure and visibility. Websites need sitelinks as well as off-site links. This too is a constantly changing area, where your SEO professional needs to be up-to-date with the latest modifications in Google’s algorithm. High quality linking, essential for strong presence on the internet, is done in a gradual, sometimes Sisyphean, manner. What is known is that search engines such as Google use links to “crawl” sites (yes, Google has crawlers). High quality links that Google’s crawler enjoys finding its way through, can make your website more relevant.

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Any questions?

What is organic SEO?

Website optimization using keywords and expressions that characterize your profession and type of business.

How is it done?

Using well formulated texts that contain your keywords and expressions spread throughout the internet.

Is there a way to check my site's organic optimization progress?

Certainly. SEO experts can show you the organic optimization progress of your website.

How long does a website optimization take?

A website optimization process can take several months. It is not done all at once. But if you never start, you will never get to that first page of Google's search results.

Can I ask my SEO expert for proof of ability?

Certainly. If they are experienced optimization experts, they have websites that they have worked on, and can show you their progress.

How do you choose keywords?

Keyword research – a personal fit, which should be directly related to your profession and field of work. The SEO expert does the research and present you with a list of relevant words and expressions searched.

Which is better – organic or paid optimization?

Anything you do on the internet is important for your site's optimization. Organic optimization gets organic results, while paid optimization gets clicks on your ads. Business owners today use both of these methods.

Does anybody even read the organic SEO articles?

This is content on your website, which should be in good quality. It is not written for organic optimization purposes only; it should also provide relevant information.

What is a custom-made website?

The right choice of design, colors, fonts, headlines and display. A lawyer’s website should not be the same as an accountant’s website. Every type of business should be made in accordance with its own atmosphere.

How can I ask my SEO expert for proof of work on my website?

In an optimization process, they can show you the slow progress of your website. We already said, this is a gradual process, but it happens.

How do you choose an SEO company?

Recommendations, word of mouth. Opinions on the internet. Check out their website and get an impression of what customers say – or don't say - about it.